Brightening Radiance Serum
Face products

Brightening Radiance Serum

30 ml

A light texture that evens-out skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Visibly more luminous/radiant, the skin regains brightness and transparency.

Directions for use:

Apply morning and evening before usual cream. Apply a small amount of serum to the face and neck, paying special attention to areas with uneven pigmentation or lacking in radiance.


  • DICTYOPTERIS: overall brightening effect, limits the skin's natural
    pigmentation and reveal the transparency of the complexion
    SEA LILY: prevents the appearance of dark spots and reduces their appearance
    VITAMIN E: antioxidant, helps to prevent skin aging
    VITAMIN C DERIVATIVE: helps boost skin radiance, limits the formation of dark spots
Available in PHYTOCÉANE beauty salons and spas