AQUASAPHIR Eye Contour Cream
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AQUASAPHIR Eye Contour Cream

15 ml

Phytocéane research has discovered AquaSaphir, a blue micro-algae extract that diminishes skin's stress levels, which play a role in premature aging. It has been included in a high precision formula with instant smoothing and relaxing effects. Lines and wrinkles around the eye contour become less marked, dark circles fade, and the eyes appear younger.

Directions for use:

In the morning and evening, apply a small quantity to the eye contour after carefully removing all traces of makeup. Tested under dermatological supervision.


  • AQUASAPHIR: a blue micro-algae extract cultivated in the laboratory. Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, diminishes the skin's stress levels, which play a role in its aging.
    MALACHITE EXTRACT: this precious stone is an anti-oxidant, acting as a shield against free radicals.
    MARINE PEPTIDES OF CHLORELLA VULGARIS: help restructure the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, promote skin firmness and tonicity, lighten dark circles
    BUCKWHEAT OIL: significantly decreases puffiness thanks to its lipolytic activity

Available in PHYTOCÉANE beauty salons and spas