Intense Moisturizing Serum
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Intense Moisturizing Serum

30ml - All skin types

Enriched with Shea butter, this serum nourishes the skin and helps restore its hydrolipidic film. Hour after hour, the skin is completely hydrated and glows with vitality.

Non-greasy, moisturizing texture.

This serum can be used before the daily skin care product or as a 1-month intensive treatment.

Directions for use:

Apply morning and/or evening to entire face and neck, before your daily moisturizing cream (day or night).


  • Jania rubens: ultra moisturizing

    Chlorella vulgaris: regenerating

    Butterfly lavander oil: restructurant

    Shea butter: moisturizing and softening

Available in PHYTOCÉANE beauty salons and spas