Hydra-Glow Fusion Cream
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Hydra-Glow Fusion Cream

50 ml - All skin types

Offer your skin a real moisturizing shock with a “cream-in-water” texture and refreshing scent. Formulated with RubiMarin, an ultra-moisturizing vegetal coral cultivated in our laboratories, this cream fills the epidermis with moisture and freshness.

The skin is fully reenergized, more supple and extremely soft.

Directions for use:

Apply in the morning to perfectly cleansed face and neck.


  • Jania: highly moiturizing vegetal coral

    Glasswort: seaside plant that improves the circulation and storage of water in the epidermis

    Natural pigments and pearlescent particles: gives a burst of radiance for a naturally glowy, fresh and luminous complexion 

Available in PHYTOCÉANE beauty salons and spas