Dermo-Softness Fluid
Face products

Dermo-Softness Fluid

30 ml

Entrust your sensitive skin to Phytocéane.

Your epidermis is protected from external damage, thanks to a comforting, yet superlight formula.

See for yourself: day after day redness is visibly reduced, skin is intensely soothed and ultra-soft.

Directions for use:

Apply morning and/or evening all over your face and neck.


  • OcéaDiam: Soothing Gem of the Sea, white microalga extract cultivated in our laboratories.
    Limits the epidermis irritations due to environmental aggression.

    RubiMarin: Moisturizing Gem of the Sea, Jania Rubens extract cultivated in our laboratories. Ultra moisturizing, remineralizing.

    Allantoïn: healing, softening, soothing

    Vitamin B5: restores the barrier function of the skin; moisturizing

    Coralline Concentrate: vasoconstrictor; cell oxygenation

Available in PHYTOCÉANE beauty salons and spas