The Oceathermie method

A professional treatment technique devoted to well-being and relaxation

The primary purpose of PHYTOCEANE products is to be effective, but they offer unique qualities of well-being and relaxation as well. PHYTOCEANE’S diverse treatments are designed as a sensory immersion into the heart of the world's seas.

All PHYTOCEANE treatments are performed according to an innovative and exclusive treatment technique: the Océathermie method. It combines the application of small hot towels on areas of stress, and a massage that draws inspiration from the techniques of Tui-Na, ancient Chinese massage. Through the action of this beauty ritual, the body releases tension and the skin is able to better absorb all the benefits of the sea.

The Océathermie method is based around 3 actions:

Thermic action:
The Wen Fa, technique, originally from China, consists of placing hot towels on points of tension and tight, stressed areas (nape of the neck, trapezius muscles, lumbar, solar plexus, feet, etc.).
[Wen Fa: means “to place heat”]

Mechanical action:
The Chinese-inspired energizing sculpting massage: Tui Na. A traditional massage that has been used for thousands of years, Tui Na is now the most renowned and common massage in China. This deep sculpting massage is carried out with fingers, the palm of the hands and the forearms.
[Tui means “to push“; Na means “to catch“.]

Biological action:
Effectiveness of professional marine products for the face and body.

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