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Jania rubens an extraordinary vegetal coral

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A true gem in the heart of the ocean, Jania Rubens is a small, red vegetal coral. It has the incredible ability to bind the trace elements and minerals found in seawater, which give invaluable cosmetic virtues. Its ultra-moisturizing power makes it one of the most effective natural ingredients of the marine world. Selected by our researchers for its cosmetic qualities, it is present in all PHYTOCÉANE skin care collections.

To conserve natural resources, PHYTOCÉANE has notably established a laboratory culture program for vegetal coral, offering a UNIQUE EXPERTISE IN THE WORLD. This extract of Jania Rubens cultivated in the laboratory is named RUBIMARIN.

Gems of the sea

PHYTOCÉANE enhances its originality and advances in technology.
Enriched with new precious extracts: GEMS OF THE SEA

  • Rare and protected algae grown in our laboratory
  • Gems cultivated in photobioreactors by innovative cultivation processes specific to PHYTOCÉANE
  • “Sustainable” extracts which have high-performance cosmetic properties and are respectful of environment.
  • Cosmetic performance test conducted for each extract
  • Each extract is symbolized by a precious stone, linked to its color

To date: RubiMarin™, AquaSaphir

  • RubiMarin : Jania Rubens extract cultivated in the laboratory, having contouring action
  • AquaSaphir : blue microalgae extract cultivated in the laboratory, having anti-inflammatory and anti-aging actions
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